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New Labour Court Rules 2022

On the 25th of July 2022, the Labour Court revoked the Labour Court Rules 2020 and replaced them with the Labour Court Rules 2022

The new Rules are effective from the 25th of July 2022.


The main changes are:

  • Claims under the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 and the Safety Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 will, in addition to claims under the Unfair Dismissals Act 1977 and the Employment Equality Act 1998, be subject to Part I of Labour Court Rules 2022. This requires, inter alia, that all submissions must be with the Court in advance of the Court listing the case for hearing. Timeframes for the making of the submissions are set out in Labour Court Rules 2022
  • Clarification that the Chairman / Court has the power to convene a case management conference for any purpose before a date for the hearing of an appeal is fixed.
  • Where an appeal relates to a number of complaints, including complaints made under the Unfair dismissals Act 1977, the Employment Equality Act 1998, the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 and the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005, the timeframe for filing submissions in relation to all complaints shall be in accordance with Part I of Labour Court Rules 2022.
  • Any application for a witness summons to the Court must be made at least 10 working days in advance of the hearing.
  • Hearings may be held in a physical courtroom or a virtual courtroom and/or a combination of the two where technology allows for this.


The earlier (revoked) Rules of the Labour Court can be accessed here:

The Labour Court Rules 2020

The Labour Court Rules 2019

The Labour Court Rules 2016

The Labour Court has adopted the following Rules which give effect to a number of provisions of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015. The Rules are:-

Labour Court (Registered Employment Agreements) Rules 2016

Labour Court (Sectoral Employment Orders) Rules 2016

Labour Court (Exemption from obligation to pay remuneration prescribed by a S.E.O) Rules 2015