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Labour Court Forms

Appeals and Referrals to the Labour Court can also be done through the Labour Court's Portal. Access to the Portal as well as on information on how to use it can be found by following this link: HERE

It is the Court’s preference, in so far as is possible, is to receive all appeal forms via email rather than hard-copy paper forms by post.  This is to ensure that appeals are safely received and processed in a timely and efficient manner having regard to the fact that the Court’s processing and administrative work is largely conducted electronically and online in current circumstances.

Below you will find links to the primary forms required to be completed for the lodging of an appeal to the Labour Court.  You may complete these forms on-screen using the editable Microsoft Word version.  Please ensure to follow the Basic Guidelines for completion contained within the forms.

Employment Rights Appeal form

Section 13(9) Appeal form

Section 20(1) Referral form

Once you have completed a form on-screen, it should be emailed, together with a copy of the decision of the Adjudication Officer*, to:

* If you have received the Adjudication Officer decision by email from the Workplace Relations Commission then you may forward this by email along with your completed appeal form. 

For more information on making an appeal click here