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Register of Employment Agreements pursuant to section 7(1) of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015

Section 7 (1) of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015 states the Court shall establish and maintain a register of employment agreements.  Please see the attached Register. The Labour Court Register of Employment Agreements

An employment agreement means an agreement relating to the remuneration or the conditions of employment of workers of any class, type or group made between a trade union or trade unions of workers and one or more than one employer or a trade union of employers, that is binding only on the parties to the agreement in respect of the workers of that class, type or group.

Sections 8 to 12 of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015 set out the rules for the:

8.            Registration of employment agreements,

9.            Variation of registered employment agreements,

10.          Cancellation of registration,

11.          Adaptation of contracts of service consequential upon registration of employment agreement,

12.          Interpretation of registered employment agreements,

Labour Court (Register Employment Agreement) Rules

Application to Register an Employment Agreement

The following statutory instruments are in place:

S.I. No. 650/2019 - Registered Employment Agreement (Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann) Order 2019 (

S.I. No. 661/2019 - Registered Employment Agreement (Freshways Food Company) Order 2019 (

S.I. No. 662/2019 - Registered Employment Agreement (Veterinary Ireland) Order 2019 (

S.I No 229/2023 - Registered Employment Agreement (Overhead Powerline Contractors Group) Order 2023 (