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Attendance by Members of the Public/Media at Labour Court Hearings

Employment Rights Hearings

In the ordinary course, members of the public, including members of the media, are permitted to attend Labour Court hearings under the various employment rights statutes. However, due to the current Covid-19 related health and safety measures in place in Lansdowne House for physical in-person hearings, members of the public, including the media, are NOT, until further notice, permitted to attend hearings in Lansdowne House.  To ensure adequate physical distancing, numbers attending hearings in Lansdowne House are limited to essential attendees only.


There are a number of employment rights matters being heard remotely in virtual courtrooms, which members of the public, including members of the media, may be permitted to attend and observe.  The Court publishes on its website a list of all employment rights matters to be heard the following week.  Should you wish to attend a listed hearing designated as a remote hearing in a virtual courtroom, please submit a request to


Industrial Relations Hearings

All Labour Court hearings convened under the Industrial Relations Acts, whether in a physical in-person courtroom or in a virtual courtroom, are private sittings.  Attendance is confined to the parties to the hearing, their representatives and other essential attendees.  Members of the public, including members of the media, are therefore not permitted to attend hearings under the Industrial Relations Acts.

Labour Court Diary of employment rights cases