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Hearings in Lansdowne House COVID 19 Procedures

Labour Court Covid-19 Update – 21st October 2020

In light of the Government announcement of the move to Level 5 restrictions, the Labour Court will cease all physical in-person hearings at Lansdowne House with effect from, and including, Thursday 22nd October 2020.  Hearings on Thursday 22nd October and all scheduled hearings from that date up to and including Friday 4th December 2020 will be re-designated as online remote hearings in a virtual courtroom. 

If a hearing in which you are a party, or other necessary participant, has been scheduled to take place in Lansdowne House during the period referred to, then this hearing will not take place in Lansdowne House but will instead take place by remote means online in a virtual courtroom on the same scheduled date and at the same scheduled time. To participate in a hearing in a virtual courtroom you will need internet access, and one of either a smart phone, a laptop, a tablet a desktop or any internet enabled device.  Full instructions for accessing and connecting to a virtual courtroom hearing will issue to participants shortly.

Should an issue be raised in relation to fair procedure during the course of a virtual courtroom hearing the Court will take whatever steps it deems necessary, including adjourning to a physical in-person hearing at a later date.   

Please note that virtual courtroom hearings already scheduled are unaffected.

 The COVID-19 protocols can be viewed here.