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COVID-19 Update 18 May 2020

The Labour Court has confirmed today that its work to hold hearings within current public health restrictions has resulted in the scheduling of a programme of hearings in the week beginning 2nd June 2020. These hearings will be the first hearings ever convened by the Court in a virtual court-room.

The majority of currently scheduled hearings concern industrial relations matters and as such the hearings will be held in private. The Court is satisfied that the arrangements which have been made provide a full opportunity for disputing parties to outline their position and respond to any position tabled by any other party. Similarly the Court is satisfied that the arrangements will also facilitate the Court to fully understand the positions of the parties and to make Recommendations for resolution of the disputes concerned.

The Court will continue to schedule hearings in virtual court-rooms wherever possible with effect from 2nd June 2020. The Court will publish its programme of employment rights based hearings weekly on its website in the normal way.

The Court is committed to fully supporting and observing public health guidance and protocols regarding a safe return to normal working. Hearings in physical Court rooms will resume when such advice permits.

Throughout this period, parties are also assured that the Court continues to receive appeals. Use of the online referral facility at is encouraged but appeals via ordinary post are also being received.

Appeals and referrals submitted by e-mail at can be made up to 12 midnight on the 42nd day following the making of a decision by an Adjudication Officer and the date of receipt will be the date and time automatically recorded on the e-mail system. Receipt of appeals submitted by ground mail will be recorded with a date stamp on the day the envelope containing the appeal is received in the Court’s premises.

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