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Labour Court Covid-19 Update – 30th November 2020

Labour Court Covid-19 Update – 30th November 2020

The Government on 27th November 2020 issued revised public health guidelines.

In light of the guidelines and regulations now in place, the Labour Court will, with effect from 1st December 2020, resume hearings in a physical Court room in Lansdowne House, Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4.

This means that with effect from 1st December the Court will convene hearings in a combination of the physical Court rooms and in virtual Court rooms. Parties have already been notified of the venue for scheduled Court hearings and those notifications specify the location of the hearing.

The Court’s physical Court rooms have been configured to provide a safe environment for hearings. It is essential that all parties attending the Court premises wear face coverings upon entry and moving around the building and practice strict social distancing.

It is also essential that people follow the building specific protocols clearly signposted throughout the Court premises. The Court will provide all parties with a document setting out the Court’s Covid protocols prior to their attendance at Lansdowne House. These protocols must be strictly adhered to by all persons attending the Court’s premises.

Parties attending a hearing in the Court’s virtual Court room will need internet access, and one of either a smart phone, a laptop, a tablet a desktop or any internet enabled device.  Full instructions for accessing and connecting to a virtual courtroom hearing will issue to participants prior to the date of their hearing.

Should an issue be identified in the course of a hearing in a virtual Court room which imperils the fairness of the procedure or the integrity of the hearing process the Court will take whatever steps are necessary to address that matter up to and including adjourning the hearing  to a physical in-person hearing to be held at a later date if necessary.  

The COVID-19 protocols can be viewed here.