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Section 14 Request - Mechanical Engineering Building Services Contracting Sector

Sectoral Employment Order

The Labour Court received a joint Notice of Intension to Conduct an Examination into Terms and Conditions in the Mechanical Engineering Building Services Contracting Sector from Connect Trade Union and Unite the Union on 30 July 2019.

Following the receipt of the request pursuant to Section 14 of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015, and consideration by the Court of the documentation in accordance with Section 15(1) and having had regard to the provisions of Section 15 (2) and (3) of the said Act of 2015, the Labour Court gives notice of its intention to:

  • conduct an examination of the terms and conditions relating to minimum rates of remuneration, sick pay and pension scheme applying to workers in the Mechanical Engineering Building Services Contracting Sector.

This examination could result in a recommendation from the Court for the making by the Minister of a Sectoral Employment Order under Section 17 of the said Act of 2015. Such Order could provide for legally enforceable minimum terms and conditions of employment in the above sector.


The following submissions were received by 5.00p.m on Tuesday 24 September 2019 and they are attached. The Court will now make arrangements to hear from interested parties at a public hearing.

MEBSCA - Mechancial SEO submission to Labour Court

MEBSCA SEO Cover Letter

APHCI Labour Court Letter

Unite the Union & Connect Trade Union Submission

Section 14 Request