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Labour Court Notice: Security Industry Proposals for Employment Regulation Order

Update - 4th March 2021

Draft proposals for a Security Industry ERO sent to the Minister of State at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment on the 19 February 2021, in accordance with section 42C(1) of the industrial Relations Act 1946:

Security Industry Employment Regulation Order Draft Proposals

Update on Security Industry Proposals for an Employment Regulation Order 3rd February 2021

Following on from the section 42B(12)(b) hearing on the 18 January 2021 the Division of the Court to whom this matter was assigned met to consider the proposals on the 26 January 2021.

 While the Division was not satisfied that it should adopt the proposals as submitted, it is willing to adopt them subject to certain amendments. This has been communicated to the Joint Labour Committee in accordance with section 42B (13) of the Industrial Relations Act 1946 which provides as follows:

  1. Where the Court is not satisfied that it should adopt the proposals of a joint labour committee, it may submit to the committee amended proposals which the Court is willing to adopt.
  2. The committee may, if it thinks fit, submit the amended proposals, with or without modifications, to the Court.
  3. The Court may, as it thinks proper, adopt the proposals submitted under paragraph(b) or refuse to adopt the proposals.

Labour Court Notice re: Security Industry Proposal for an Employment Regulation Order

A Division of the Labour Court met on the 15 December 2020 to consider the re-submitted application (received on the 4 December 2020) from the Security Industry JLC to adopt its proposals for an ERO.

The Division has decided in accordance with section12(b) of the Industrial Relations Act 1946 that it is appropriate to hear all parties appearing to the Court to be interested and desiring to be heard before deciding whether to adopt the proposals.

To this end a remote hearing will take place on Monday the 18 January 2021 at 10.30 a.m.

Below is the Report to the Labour Court from the Chair of the JLC and appendices including the proposals for an ERO and a link to the relevant legislation

Chairman's Report


Appendix 1: Submission from the Irish Security Industry Association

Appendix 2: Submission from Bidvest Noonan

Appendix 3: Submission from OCS One Complete Solution Limited

Appendix 4: Submission from Mitie Facilities Management Ltd

Appendix 5: Submission from Mr Donie Murphy

Appendix 6: SIPTU note on security sector

Appendix 7: ISIA letter to JLC - 4.11.20

Appendix 8: The Security Institute letter to JLC – 18.11.20

Appendix 9: Note on clarifications re Security ERO

Appendix 10: Proposed ERO

Written Submission on behalf of Top Security Limited, Morbury Limited, Guardex Limited and Las Security Limited

Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2012 Section 12