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Employment Rights

The labour Court has sole jurisdiction in all disputes arising under employment rights enactments.

In employment rights cases, the worker must first refer their case to the WRC for adjudication. Where either party is dissatisfied with the decision of the Adjudication Officer, that decision can be appealed to the Labour Court.  It is important to note that a case on appeal before the Labour Court is heard afresh in its entirety as though the first instance stage had not occurred. No new claims can be introduced at the appeal stage.

The Labour Court:

(a) hears all appeals of Adjudication Officer’s decisions under the various Employment Rights and Pension Acts enactments

(b) issues determinations in regard to certain complaints of the non-implementation of Adjudication Officer’s decisions which were lodged with the Workplace Relations Commission before 1 October 2015

(c) hears appeals of Non-discrimination Notices and Substantive Notices issued by the Equality Authority

(d) approves working time agreements under the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997

(e) approves collective agreements regarding casual part-time employees under the Protection of Employees (Part-Time Work) Act, 2001.

Part I, II & III of the Labour Court Rules 2020 relate to the procedure to be used in Employment Rights cases.