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Structure of the Court

The Labour Court consists of 13, full-time, members - a Chairman, 4 Deputy Chairmen and 8 Ordinary Members, 4 of whom are Employers' Members and 4 of whom are Workers' Members. The Chairman and the 4 Deputy Chairmen are appointed by the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation. The Employers' Members are nominated by IBEC (Irish Business and Employers' Confederation) and the Workers' Members are nominated by ICTU (Irish Congress of Trades Unions).

The Labour Court also has a legal adviser - the Registrar - appointed by the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

Kevin Foley

Deputy Chairman
Caroline Jenkinson
Alan Haugh
Louise O'Donnell
Tom Geraghty

Employer Member
Peter Murphy
Sylvia Doyle
Gavin Marié
Katie Connolly

Worker Member
Linda Tanham
Paul P. Bell
Clare Treacy
Arthur Hall

Jacqui Kelly

Operational Structure of the Labour Court

To ensure that cases are processed with a minimum of delay, the Court operates in 4 separate Divisions, although certain issues may require a meeting of the full Court. A Division is made up of the Chairman or a Deputy Chairman, an Employers' Member and a Workers' Member. Hearings are held in Dublin and at several venues throughout the country.